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While genealogy is currently receiving unparalleled levels of interest and enthusiasm, family trees are still generally represented using basic graphs that hold no charm. But, have you ever thought about what they represent?


The treasure they contain? They are your roots, your identity and your history. What's more valuable than that? So it is time to blow the cobwebs off and start anew!


A young entrepreneur, surrounded by a passionate team of artists and genealogists, came up with a completely new creative concept:


Your family tree becomes the nucleus of a work of art!

The artwork is specially designed by a renowned artist, and chosen by you from our large catalog.

It is also very customizable to completely fit your requirements

The Geniarts experience is accessible to everyone: You can acquire an original piece of artwork, or you can choose a reproduction and customize it.


from $ 169


The Geniarts philosophy: Transmission through art


The blood that flows through our veins is the same as the blood that flowed through our ancestors.

Our genes have colored our skin, sculpted our face, shaped our insides. Through the generations, we have passed on the most intimate part of our being from person to person: DNA, life.


And for its part, art reflects history, transporting ideas and evoking feelings. Our soul is nourished by art: from one person to another, our spirit is transmitted through art.


Geniarts has revealed that genealogy and art have a common essence: transmission. Both pass on to us the DNA and the spirit of our ancestors. The marriage of the two disciplines thus creates a unique, almost mystical, experience.


Geniarts offers you the chance to make your family tree the central theme in a work of art specially designed by a renowned artist.

The artwork offers an exceptional way for us to learn about and digest our family tree.

That combined with our identity at the heart of the artwork gives it value beyond compare.

Our artists come from all backgrounds.

Painting, graphics, watercolor, drawing, sculpture, photography... no art form is ignored.

Some artists are rising stars whose work represents an intelligent speculation.

Others are already famous and guarantee a safe investment. Geniarts has searched all over the globe for its artists and you can find them all together in the Geniarts catalog.

When genealogy meets art.

Geniarts is an association of genealogy enthusiasts and contemporary artists who made the crazy bet to combine both disciplines. presents you sculptures, paintings, drawings, photos,

posters,… including models of complete and precise family trees

elaborated following the most rigorous rules, imagined by one of the

many contemporary artists whose reputation is growing and established.

Trees are declined from 3 to 12 generations : agnatic (father ormother) or cognatic (father and mother).


Hot topic…

In the past few years, genealogy has been revived with today’s

generation. This is due to many new websites and international events around this topic. Indeed, several youngsters have been attracted to this topic for spiritual reasons (existential quest, psycho-genealogy, family hereditary, intellectual an We now know with certainty that we inherit a genetic heritage and that our evolution creates our acquired assets.


Genetics opens extraordinary perspectives of exploration into the past.

Howewer, why should one explore their past when the present and

future are fascinating ?


In direct and indirect ways, all the flavour of the present emanates from its roots in the past. Furthermore, a history lesson is much easier to grasp when it is attached to your own story.


To build your family tree becomes a natural endeavour, to enable your children and grandchildren to understand their heritage.


To understand our roots helps us better discover who we are.


If, for some, this seems to be old fashioned, our exhibitions will, on the

contrary, show a playful and esthetic approach to this topic.



Geniarts: A work of art that fits you.

Above all, the buyer must choose the artwork that will fit and project their family tree.


Now, faced with a catalog as rich as that of Geniarts, the choice can be agonizing. So Geniarts has developed a sophisticated encoding tool using genealogical data in Gedcom format.


This high-tech process, which is at yourdisposal, allows you to encode or simply upload your family tree. 


You will be able choose different artworks and see your family tree projected onto them so you can decide which produces the most pleasing result. Once you have done this, you can choose any of the following options:

You can purchase an original work of art, which will confer considerable value on your family tree. But beyond that, your connection with the artist will be more intimate than ever before, as they will themselves, delicately and by hand, include the name of each ancestral component in your family tree.


If you opt for a limited edition reproduction, you can change many of the criteria of the original artwork so that it fits what you want exactly: Choice of format, media, quality of paper, typography, etc....


If you wish, Geniarts can even incorporate a shield, a family symbol or personal coat of arms into the artwork.


Philippe Leblanc golden Number
Philippe Leblanc golden Number

6 generations

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Philippe Leblanc golden Number
Philippe Leblanc golden Number

Detail N°1,2,3

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Dragos Onisei
Dragos Onisei

4 genrations Eagle USA

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Guillaume Amorin
Guillaume Amorin

4, 5 generations

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Larissa Ickx
Larissa Ickx

5 generations

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